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About The Gourmet Connection Network

The Gourmet Connection Network provides consumers with high quality lifestyle-oriented online magazines and websites, email newsletters and news dispatches, and related publications.

Dedicated to gourmet food, health and the finer things in life, our network is composed of original content written and designed by our editorial staff, material offered to us for publication by agencies such as FDA, CDC, and USDA, and material contributed by seasoned food editors, health professionals, publishers, authors and journalists.

Although some of our publications were created as early as 1991, The Gourmet Connection Network was officially launched in 1995. Our network homepage provides easy, one-stop access to all of our online publications and content.

Some of our popular online offerings include:

Diabetic Gourmet Magazine
The Diabetic Gourmet Magazine is the premiere online magazine dedicated to diabetes related health issues as well as diabetic dining and cooking information. It provides information and resources for diabetic living, with exciting diabetic recipes, feature articles, and useful resources. We believe that the diet of the diabetic gourmet should be selective, not restrictive. Considered by many to be the web's best diabetes-related website and hailed by Time Magazine as one of the "Top 50 Website for Health Information."

Diabetic Network
If you are one of the millions of visitors interested in diabetes and health related information and resources, then this is for you. This network hub features one-stop access to all of our diabetes-related websites, newsletters, dispatches and publications.

Gourmet Connection Magazine [Re-launching in 2023]
Dedicated to gourmet food and the finer things in life, The Gourmet Connection Magazine (aka: TGC Magazine) is one of the oldest culinary-themed magazines on the internet. From decadent recipes and how-to lessons to streaming video, this magazine continues to satisfy the hungriest readers.

The Diabetic Newsletter
Critically acclaimed diabetes-related newsletter. Sent free via email every other Monday, each issue features diabetic recipes, articles, news about treatments, therapy, and medications, diabetes & health trivia, and useful information relating to health and diabetes. Regular features include Diabetes Q and A, Diabetes 101, Diabetes Related Terms and Explanations, and Healthy Cooking Advice.

Gourmet Shoppes [Re-launching in 2023]
Gourmet Shoppes has quietly become one of the most trusted destinations for people that appreciate the finer things in life -- and who want access to the internet's premiere merchants. From unique gourmet shoppes to internationally renowned brands, shoppers are guaranteed access to something special and definitively gourmet.

Daily Diabetic Recipe
One great diabetic-friendly recipe is sent every day, complete with nutritional info. That's 365 great recipes per year. Something so simple, yet so useful!

The Diabetic News
Important diabetes-related news delivered while it's still news. Whether it's about an important drug recall or a new therapy or breakthrough, this comprehensive website, and email news dispatch, will keep you well informed and up-to-date.

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